Friday, November 29, 2013

One of the big undertakings was to complete zombicide by Xmas. So I put a base coat on a whole buncha zombies. Ready for drybrushing and washing. Then i can paint the clothes and add blood and gore. I did the 2 trays of zombies this way.
Here is the status on one tray. I have 2 rows completed and some misc. competed. 

another project I am doing is spinespur. Below is the spinespur cerebeast and reaper's werewolf. I have a few ideas for them. In spinespur you can use a doppleganger character to imitate a chracter so that can be one use for it. Another is in all things zombie there are werewolves in the HRTH expansion. Plus with LOTR I can field a werewolf army. 

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Been painting on my Zombicide. The first pic you can see i fine detailed a few zeds and the cop character. Below is the mass paint i did for the zeds. that is the basecoat for my zed formula: Purple or blue, then drybrush dead flesh and then amthonian camoshade  wash... zombie goodness.