Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Updates for October

Its been hectic around here, had a septic tank issue and a water issue that kept me from painting plus I guess I took a break kinda. I been playing starcraft 2 and Diablo 3 pretty heavy so painting took a back seat this month.

But here is what I have done so far. I finished Staw wars Imperial assault Core set that is 3 completed projects. WOOT.

Werewolf for Kings of war. These are reaper metal that I am using. Mixes up  the normal mantic models and it gives me a horde of something.

The back.... really like the back of these models. I got the female werewolf to add some variety.

The AT ST completes imperial assault. It was easier to paint than I thought, but used a mega crap ton of paint.

Wookie warriors ally pack done.

This is not a test Kick starter came in WOOT.
Blacksmith goodies for WWX, Blackwater Gulch 

Blacksmith building

Blacksmith backside

Kings of war Archers (troop) and 2 markers for Undead giant rat dog thingys

Blaine for Mars attacks is done. This marks the 4th Blaine painted, I have 5 in house and 2 more on the way with Kickstarters. I might be able to do a Blaine Army one day.

Total since last update: 25

Terrain: 5

Fantasy: 16

Sci Fi:  4

*M/S/P: 0

%M/W: 0

Projects Completed: 1

Total Painted 2016: 282

Terrain: 36

Fantasy: 108

Sci Fi: 105

*M/S/P: 23

%M/W: 10

Projects Completed: 3