Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Spinespur men of G.O.D. faction update

Almost have 2 more complete. Been slacking on painting. I have a nightengale complete and a radient almost complete. Only have one more of each left. For some reason I do not have Aniel in this shot. When I finish the other 2 I will have a complete faction picture made.

Monday, January 20, 2014

New game added... big surprise.

To start off, I saw a game on kickstarter I initially pledged for, 60 bucks, and get a zombie game. I watched the game play, and really did not like the timed theme of it. I like to discuss strategy, and enjoy the game. I hate rushing through. There is nothing better than teaming up with your fellow gamers and getting through the level. The game seems rushed, and if I spend the time to set up a board layout I am damn well going to enjoy the game. 

Another factor is I need to save up because 2 or 3 kickstarters are coming out that I am interested in. 1 being warpath and possibly pulp city. Pulp city I am still debating. 4 color figs is coming out also with ver. 4 of their rules (after I just purchased v.3, go figure.). I do like the customizing option of 4 color and I can create my own heroes. I am not sure on pulp city yet. Anyways I digress. I decided to go after sentinels of the multiverse, watched some games of it and decided that was for me. Mini Market and amazon had the core game and expansions cheaper than the KS. Yay me!!!

Next is renovation time. I removed the carpet in my office and put in a new floor. it was time to throw away some old crap and re arrange. I changed my shelving around to make a gaming shelf. I may purchase one more in the future, but now I got a good core group of games.

Top row Rule books and mini expansions. plus cards for skirmish games like spinespur and deadzone.
2nd row sentinels of the multiverse and munckin games, plus some dreadball and x-wing

3rd row: Battue, mech warrior (had this game forever, maybe time to actually play it) and zombicide.
bottom row: Horror/hero clix, they may wind up in spinespur and hero games re based. Star wars game and the legend of Drizzt RPGish game.

I realized I did not show off one of my XMas lootz. Dreadball. My sis got it for me. WOOT!!! 

My orx team I have started painting. I have the linemen done. I went with a "LSU" theme. I know, why didnt I go with an Auburn team? I dont like the colors orange and blue together. Its not because I dislike auburn either, I like Florida gators and don't like their color scheme. Besides in high school one of my schools was purple and gold(yellow actually :) )

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Played some Risk Walking dead variant. Also played some Descent new years and this past saturday. Enjoyed both and really enjoyed the descent though, RPG gaming goodness.

yes that is a reaper bones. Figured why not since we had the figures and do not like tokens when we have figures.

Fat x-mas loot. Yep got some zombies. I have all 3 zombicide games now along with the dogz and zombie dogz . My daughter got the princess bride game. It is basically cards against humanity.

Below is my daughter's Cthulhu (reaper bones). It is a painting project we both are doing. She wanted a more grey/blue "aquatic" look. Progress so far.