Friday, December 20, 2013

Little house in zombieville

The house that zombies built. It is a plasticville house I got off of ebay a while back for this purpose. Grunged it up a bit. and boarded up some windows. I still need to have some stalks poking up and tweak it a bit but it is coming together.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Spinespur Kickstarter is here!!!!!!

Well after 8 months my very first Kickstarter has arrived. WOOT!!!!! Spinespur!!! Overall I am very happy with my kickstarter pledge. I pledged for the hard back edition, that comes with cards, a hardback copy of the rule book and a faction of my choice. I picked the institution. I got some freebies also a bellsaw thug and a gladiator thug that were stretch goals that unlocked. That isnt all, Robert (the games creator) threw in 2 free figures for pledges of $65 bucks or more. A big thug and John Henry. John Henry I think will be part of the redemptionist  faction when rule book 2 comes down the pike. Overall I am happy, My extra set of cards was not sent, but I have contacted Robert and I am sure he will make it right.  I am going to rate this Kickstarter an "A".

Pros: Value for the models I got is there. hard cover book and name in the credits. Delivered in a timely manner and gave updates. Us backers would have loved to gotten them daily but he did deliver them when he had something.

Cons: I am not going to point out the tiny things, Robert did what he said and did what he could within his power. So no cons from me. A person could nitpick anything, and this kickstarter was ran well.

Would back again / another kickstarter : Most definitely!

John Henry(blue overalls), Gladiator  and Bellsaw are featured above. The big thug is below

in addition to my pledge I pledged extra for a set of comfy chair dice, extra bellsaw thug, and gladiator thug (for my buddy lugz) An extra agenda (Slaughterhouse) and some nightengales (men of G.O.D. faction)

I also did some addons before it shipped. i ordered an extra set of cards, radients, Mike and Hiddel to complete my Men of G.O.D. faction
With this kickstarter, that will give me every spinespur model available except for the shattered. I will get them later on.

I also finished another faction. Its a small faction in spinespur, only 2 models. I believe it is the graveyard faction. With the grave golem and care taker. the grave golem is an awesome sculpt. I could only hope I did it some justice. 

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Spinespur faction complete*

I say complete because as of right this second every model on the G.O.D. faction that is available is done. But the Kickstarter is coming any day now and that is 5 more models in the mix and then it isnt complete anymore. In this first pic we have the 2 true Spinespur models on the left. the 2 in the middle are from other lines. Kate Beckensale knock of from hasslefree and a survivor model from wargames factory. We finally finish this pic up with Aniel.

In this pic we have 4 fists of G.O.D. why four? because I caught a deal on the 2nd set, plus you can run more than 2 if you have the requirements met. The back 3 are some thugs i acquired to fit the G.O.D. theme. Left to right on the back row are a survivor from wargames factory, a horror clix chainsaw dude (repainted) and Lucious fox from the batman line of heroclix.

Dante hayte and Greygun have some themed thugs also, convict(chainsaw) from the wargames factory.
True Spinespur thug painted in military green and a heroclix convict from dark knight rises set.

Finally we have some misc. Spinespur moltov thug, Cthulhu zombie set I made as a shattered fill in. Cerebeast from Spinespur.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

One of my kickstarters came in. Pretty happy overall with them. below you will see I based Thing (comfy chair games Rocco) and Zombies (incursion) used the asphalt / sand stamp. The werewolves (reaper and comfy chair) I used the knotty wood stamp.  The big fisted dude(comfy chair games also) I used the brick stamp. The dude with a gun is not using a stamp.