Sunday, December 21, 2014

Another terrain piece done (Almost)

Getting some terrain completed. I just need to print out a starbucks menu for the wall of the "Sterberks" and paint the street lines.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Malifaux Starter Done!!!

Nicodem posed in front of my buddies WWX terrain

This is the older starter set. Got them painted up, I tweaked them a little bit since this pic. We had our first practice game and it was a lot of fun. Glad Lugz got me into this game.  Working on the Seamus starter set now. The terrain is my buddy lugnutz's It looks awesome.

Monday, December 15, 2014

War machine Battle

Lugz and i decided to play a battle using mainly dudes we have not played much or any at all. Newbies include cannon crew, revenant crew with 2 UA, and stalker small jack

thats a fine group of Cygnar to kill

I about decimated his forces after turn 2. Not looking good for him

Turn 3 turned out bad for me. As good as i rolled on turn 2, I rolled bad on 3 and did some bad maneuvers on my part. He did some good defense on his.

Cygnar version of his Gormin vs. Cryx version

Monday, December 8, 2014

Painting so far.....

Malifaux Buzzard Avatar


Punk Zombie

Mars Attacks and Warmachine merc

Mars attacks Zombie and Deadzone Zombie 

Standard Bearer

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Revenant Pirate crew done!!!!

Not much been going on. I have been a little lazy of late. I am about to concentrate on getting more done in the next few weeks because my back log is beyond crazy and I just ordered some more WWX models. Am I crazy???

Anyways its a standard crew of 6, with 2 UA riflemen and a cannon crew. The cannon ball guy is from reaper actually. I bought the crew from some site for like 50 cents before I got into warmachine. I figured 2 zombies painted for 50 cents is a steal. Then I was going to buy the cannon and dude separate and it would have cost me the same as buying the whole unit. I found the reaper one on ebay and boom, instant proxy that fits.
artist unknown from reaper mini website.

revenant crew regular, pic from the web.

I will eventually make it a 10 unit squad, but I am going to finish some other squads first. :)

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Deadzone and mars attacks goodness

Painted up a few martians. I really like how they turned out. The helmets leave me a little meh.. but overall. Very nice. The details are a little faint compared to most companies. 

The standard bearer and 2 grunts
another pose of the the trio, going to get a sammich before fighting.

Next we have some enforcers, and plague enforcers. All metal cast. 

Chovar psychic

Overhead shot on my city terrain I am working on

Wild west exodus sighting

got one painted and there is a lot of detail on these models. 

Shadows of brimstone came in today so I have a plastic and lead mountain you would not believe. Who am I kidding, yeas you would.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Kickstarter updates.....

Well I have a few updates.

Painting my mars attacks that came in this week. I really should get something finished before I start on another project lol. I have been lusting after mars attacks for a while. These add 2 more faction for deadzone, and its a game unto itself. I really hope mantic makes rules for them in warpath. Please mantic please :)

A new Kickstarter skirmish game has kicked off. madmitchsgames has just launched this kickstarter. A few things that is making me want to back it.

  • Its cheap, $10 is the entry point. $40 you get 30 miniatures and the rules plus dice.
  • its D10 I love D8 and D10 games. I do like D6, but everyone has D6. This is a nice treat.
  • Small company, I do like my big kickstarters, but I like supporting the little guy also.
  • Miniatures are already existing line from established company. No waiting for anything to get sculpted, molded and shipped over on a barge. He just has to make the rules.
Please back and help a small game company out, thats what its all about, getting a fair product for a fair price.

Shadows of brimstone is finally shipping to me. Thats Myth, Mars Attacks and now brimstone in my greedy little hands with Pulp city hopefully coming soon. Gotta go, I have some painting to do.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Terrain, Terrain, Terrain

Well I havent gotten much done on my terrain projects I wanted to do, due to my building piles of lead and plastic. So i decided October would be terrain month for me. Here is what is complete so far. 

Impudent mortals tanks has been started. I really liked this Kickstarter and it delivered quickly. Looking forward to backing him again.

Another view with a "pringles" tank farm lugz made and gave to me. I am rebasing it. He did a good job I think.

all of the above with a CD case I converted. I hope to make a nice industrial table with all of these and some more,
A little warmachine action, 25 point game and boy were we rusty. I even confused a 40k rule with machine (blasphemy)

Cryx barely won with a caster kill. If i did not get it the last turn I was dead the next turn for sure.
I set up a small "Halloween" village for my wife since she likes to do Xmas villages in December. She hung my zombies, no respect for a walking dead display piece.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Some deadzone skirmish

My son's friend came over and wanted to play some deadzone. We gave it a whirl and while I don't know all the rules, we had to look them up and it was abit slower than it was supposed to be. But we did have fun and thats all that matters. I ended up losing cause it was late and we changed the rules to "commander" kill to finish the game. We might do a campaign next time he is over.

Enforcers layout with a merc or 2.

I really like that enforcer captain. Pretty dang tough.

The plague layout, yes thats a Hellbrute filling in for a strider. Why not?? The striders arent done yet.

The last of the plague layout. 

In conclusion of the gameplay:
A. the stage 1 is way to slow, you need some move cards to get him across the battle field into action. B. The stider is OK. We may have not played it right or did not understand the rules fully.
C. The plague hounds are awesome, they can sprint and brawl, if you are playing plague, put all you can in your unit.
D. This is my 2nd game and I get the "blaze Away" action now
E. The plague needs a few more shooty units, the blaze away is cool, but they need some shooty.
F. I love playing the corporation. I can't wait to see the martians in mars attacks (I got the deadzone decks for the martians and humans)

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Deadzone slumming it

Got some more deadzone painted. used a trailer from a zombie game for the back ground

I can use this guy as a terminator in WH40k

Got another spinespur dude done. A pig sticker.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A little behind

2 player starter box of wild west exodus purchased. In the process of putting some together. The rest is an Xmas present.

Got some deadzone in.... I didn't actually play, i kinda guided the game. After the game I got a lot of it wrong. Hopefully it will get better.

Plague vs. Enforcers. Enfocers needed to kill to get get VPs and the Plague needed to leave the board to win.

near the end, the plague pulled it out, while the enforcers killed a lot of guys.

The dude abides brother

Some scarecrows. If i find a good scare crow figure then these will be great henchmen for him. They will work for the pumpkin crew in the mean time. :)

Some finished plague models and some mercs

more plague.

Yep.... plague

Plague Tetradon

plague doggies

enforcers and mercs

more of the above