Sunday, April 20, 2014

April's completed projects

First up Military /SWAT most are from heroclix and rebased. First and next to last are not clix. But a start for police and army forces :)

These dudes I bought onlijne already painted for 5 bucks. They are warmachine models, but will make nice zombies for zombie games :)

Deadzone merc I painted this month.

Reapers bones orc i will use for a fantasy game one day. 

Hasslefree minis and All Things Zombie zombie. I would love to find more firemen sculpts, but at least I have one. I would love to have more police/swat ones also. 

Iron man clix I rebased. He will be a part of Pulp City as Hadrons replacement. I may eventually get Hadron, but in the mean time he will be a nice replacement.

Handyman from spinespur is complete :)

You may have noticed the new scenery, I am working on completing my modern city and that is part of the strip mall. Two stores and a mini cooper I picked up at a dollar store.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Spinespur Institution faction finished

Doc Akron and his littleones. The 3rd little one is a kid zombie from RAFM miniatures. I thought he could be dual purposed :)

Composites, Primes, trauma hounds and Doc Akrons alter ego.
You may notice that I have a 3rd out of place trauma hound. Again a zombie from zombiesmith. He is dual purposed also.

Hack and a knife wielding thug. It is a horoclix I repurposed to fit the "institution" theme.

and a shot of the happy family together.