Wednesday, August 26, 2015

WWX Blackjack Complete.

Got a blackjack complete for my outlaw faction.
Completed another figure, and I got all of my WWX guys that I have, glued together. Now its time to prime and paint them.
Glued was the Bandits that came with the 2 player starter, Lone Ranger.. I mean marshall mcclain, Copellie sisters plus 2x ccle K-9s, chef, bandit shotgun,  flowing river, marcus wayward, Punisher... I mean wraith, Zarelda Kincade.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Miniature Paint Exchange

The herald from pulp city, lugz did a great job!
Special shout out to my buddy for our mini exchange. He did a great job on this mini.
The mini I did for him.

Wild West Exodus

Showing my Wild West Exodus stuff. I realized I have not showed much of my stuff.

Raider boxed set i had paid a commission artist to paint. It took a while, but the paint job is superb. I would recommend the the artist.

The dudes I had painted. You have seen the apache on this blog before. The bike you saw primed from bike week. I hope to finish the rest of the bikes soon :)

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

More Zombies


More deadzone plague complete. Just a few more I will have the lower level guys done. I also completed a drone zombie

Reaper Bones Well

 Getting ready for Frostgrave and Dungeon Saga, so I completed this well. I have no fantasy terrain so this is my first piece.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Impudent mortal review on industrial terrain

Front view of the tank towers

I pledged impudent mortal's industrial kickstarter. I had backed one before and another since, As usual, I was not disappointed. The quality is good, and service it relatively fast. He also gives frequent updates. Another cool feature is he provides great instructions. I have backed other mdf kickstarters and always had felt stuff could have been better whether quality of the products or service or both. Walt seems to deliver on both.

rear view

Just to give a brief rundown of the pros and cons.

Pros: MDF is cut and etched well, instructions were easy to follow, shipped fast, price was decent. He provided minutre stands for your figures to go up and down the ladders.  Materials for the most part were great. Painted up nicely.

Cons: Nothing is perfect, the long ladders are a tad bit short and seem flimsy. I had to tweak and work at getting those ladders to stay. 

Other: Other than the ladders this is a 9 out of 10 on my review. I would recommend it!!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

New Terrain piece complete

AC unit by impudent mortal

Dust tactics building I made an office out of I guess. A good 2x2 city so far. Working on making it 3x3.

Monday, August 3, 2015

10 man squad of Astra Militarum complete.

These 5 finished off a 10 man squad of Astra Militarum.

This is not a test (really it probably is)

The layout of the board

The Hellraisers a mix of spinespur models, Hasslefree, judge dredd and rezolution

The Mall Shoppers courtesy of bones 2 kickstarter.

Terrain a mixture of mine and lugs, yep thats dog poop in the yard

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We played the Zombie scenario and here is one of the spawn points (green dice, they were our D3s also)

The zombie scenario spawn point

The zombie scenario another spawn point


Our starting turn, we did a lot of things wrong as we started.

We used Lugz resolution zombies as the tougher ones. Mine were the wimpy zeds.

Getting covered up with zeds

My sniper did kick some ass when his weapon did not jam.

I will say I had a lot of fun playing the game. Its fast simple and fun. We did run into a issue of zeds overrunning us early and we did not really leave our starting areas, partial we started playing wrong, and partial we did not rush the field, so we spent all 8 rounds not shooting each other.

But for our first game We did not get many injuries, My leader is the only one that suffered penalties on his injuries. The rest got good rolls and suffered no effect.

Can't wait for the next game.