Sunday, February 23, 2014

First big faction of Spinespur done.

Men of G.O.D. complete. That's it every model from that faction is done. Now if I find a cool "thug" that will fit them then i will add them, or if another Spinespur release comes out then i will add those. Spine spur will be one I get one of every model. I know I posted I completed this set before, that was before the KS released, now I have the KS models and completed the first set :)  Now many many more to go.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Yummy Slurm...

Working on my terrain this past week. I have this Hotel/Apartment done. I have not decided what I want it to be yet. So now its both :). I may make a 2 signs and swap them out, one for Apt, the other for an office building. Also my Slurm sign.  The sign is from underground lasers KS project I backed a year ago. 

The building is from Demos laster Cut Designs . I like the buildings, my other bases are 12x12 so I bought new ones. 

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Massive update.
Crossover Miniatures update: Completed my "Joker" thugs. Just in time too. Crossover had another KS, and I pledged again to get more thugs. I need an army of some punks.... 

Crossover Update #2 Finished Dr. Evil. I went with the Cthulhu head. I really like that one, plus I am getting some tentacled dudes from bones so he needs some henches in superhero game and he can join in as a leader in space battle. Double duty.

I did some tweaking on my bellsaw thug. I used that mat from deadzone with a blood stain on it and staged a scene with a worthless heroclix, which is now a body token in spinespur. :)

My town is taking shape. Gas station in the very back is put together. Just have to paint and put the details in it. You see gas station, house, post office (brown building), trailer, and part of a shopping mall.

My son had a friend stay the night so they could play some 40k, below are some pics of the setup. The blue building is a Kickstarter.

Below is my future bar, a kickstarter I funded and it is a cool looking terrain piece. I like the look of it and so did my son. Its a bunker right now, and a bar at night :)

some chaos my son's friend is working on. A talented kid. Some of it is a wip.

more chaos below with a few of my zombies he borrowed.

more of his dudes below

another shot of my future bar.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Finished one of my dreadball teams the Mauraders or orx, orcs or orks as they are called.

Spinespur update. 
Bell Saw thug... check
Michael ... check
Radient... check
Nightengale... check