Thursday, April 27, 2017

April Update 2017

That is 37 pieces painted since last update. Not to shabby I don't think. to be fair though 20 were platoons with the mercs and martians but still a bunch done. I don't count what I paint for lugs, but count what he paints for me, since its 1 for 1.

Exiles Gentleman completed.

Another Crew of Mars Attacks complete

Exiles One Eye

5 Mercs Recon SecFor 1

Pulp City Supreme Grimm

Exiles Big Pisser

Wild West Exodus Deadpool painted by lugz, 

Mercs SecFor 2

Infinity I painted for Lugs for Painting my Bones Undead Cowboy

Lugs Painted this Undead Cowboy 

Infinity US Ariadna also will be a TNT character

Mercs Recon Sec For 3

Mercs Recon Tokens

Another bones token

Hot Tubs for western Terrain (3)

Where to go to get clean.

Total since last update: 37

Terrain: 10

Fantasy: 0

Sci Fi: 5

*M/S/P: 17

%M/W: 5

Projects Completed: 0

Total Painted 2017: 124

Terrain: 17

Fantasy: 0

Sci Fi: 36

*Modern/Supers/P: 54

%Malifaux/Western: 17

Projects Completed:2

Thursday, April 6, 2017

A few more painted for April

Exiles Rowdys are painted up

A spinespur thug painted, had him on the table forever. 

Exiles Troy hatcher

Exiles Gentleman

Pulp City mini done, painted by Lugz

WWX Exodus figure done. Debating on using him for Kings of war as a Werewolf.

Total since last update: 7

Terrain: 0

Fantasy: 0

Sci Fi: 0

*M/S/P: 2

%M/W: 5

Projects Completed: 0

Total Painted 2017: 87

Terrain: 7

Fantasy: 0

Sci Fi: 31

*Modern/Supers/P: 37

%Malifaux/Western: 12

Projects Completed:2