Thursday, June 26, 2014

Games updates and miniatures painted.

Played some games at Excelsior. Daniel, Brian and I. We are trying to build up the community a little. Everyone won a game. In this battle with Lugz, he whipped me pretty good, but i got the caster kill at the last minute.

The mighty Cryx face off against the evil Cygnar.

Those evil Cygnar
Cygnar vs. the Shoulder Pad elves.
Deathjack is complete

Crossover miniatures "Not cat woman", she will be a Pulp City proxy for Kitty Cheshire.

Mourn is complete, the glow effect I think turned out well.

Capt. Hadron proxies, A.K.A. Iron man. In Pulp City I will be using these as a replacement :)

Heroclix Iron man for the regular size. Fission from 4 color figs is the mini one

A target clearance action Figure is the large hadron. i think he may be a half inch short... meh I am cool with it :)

4 color figs here will make up this villain crew. Not decided yet who they will be in pulp city, but I imagine they will be in pulp city and Spinespur.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Warmachine Wednesday Skirmish

I played Lugz's stepson Zac as i got to learn the rules more, and get him used to the game also.  I found out the death jack is a really good jack again common enemies. We played 2 games. I won the first one closely (you can see the pics below) I fielded the reaper, deathripper, pistol wraith and blackbane's raiders. Really liking that unit. Incorpeal is really awesome. The 2nd game was unfair as death jack ripped up Zacs forces. I ran bane thrals with UA, death jack, pDenny. His starter box and Khadoe snipers were no match, Although the snipers did do the most damage to death jack.

Those raiders are surrounding waiting for a move of the jack to free strike.

Both feats are popped and the raiders and wraith take down his caster
Isnt he cute?

For the super hero game, I am almost done with these 4 color figs deathknight and his henchmen.... I love the pumkin head theme.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Beatings of epic proportions

My buddy Lugz and I played a game of warmachine. I had been a mini winning streak and lost focus of what I was doing. Lugz took me out quickly and painlessly. 
Goreshade and the Gang

Sorry ass Cygnar :)

Rushing up the field to try to smack down those pesky cygnars.

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Goreshade dead

Blackbane's raiders completed. Its a small unit and I wanted a ghost looking crew. I think it turned out pretty good.

Ragman is a merc and can debuff and fits in the cryx. Complete also.

Reaper / Corrupter. Its magnetized and can be either or. I am comparing to my other reaper.
Reaper(plastic)/Reaper (metal)

Corrupter (plastic)/ Reaper(metal)