Friday, December 20, 2013

Little house in zombieville

The house that zombies built. It is a plasticville house I got off of ebay a while back for this purpose. Grunged it up a bit. and boarded up some windows. I still need to have some stalks poking up and tweak it a bit but it is coming together.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Spinespur Kickstarter is here!!!!!!

Well after 8 months my very first Kickstarter has arrived. WOOT!!!!! Spinespur!!! Overall I am very happy with my kickstarter pledge. I pledged for the hard back edition, that comes with cards, a hardback copy of the rule book and a faction of my choice. I picked the institution. I got some freebies also a bellsaw thug and a gladiator thug that were stretch goals that unlocked. That isnt all, Robert (the games creator) threw in 2 free figures for pledges of $65 bucks or more. A big thug and John Henry. John Henry I think will be part of the redemptionist  faction when rule book 2 comes down the pike. Overall I am happy, My extra set of cards was not sent, but I have contacted Robert and I am sure he will make it right.  I am going to rate this Kickstarter an "A".

Pros: Value for the models I got is there. hard cover book and name in the credits. Delivered in a timely manner and gave updates. Us backers would have loved to gotten them daily but he did deliver them when he had something.

Cons: I am not going to point out the tiny things, Robert did what he said and did what he could within his power. So no cons from me. A person could nitpick anything, and this kickstarter was ran well.

Would back again / another kickstarter : Most definitely!

John Henry(blue overalls), Gladiator  and Bellsaw are featured above. The big thug is below

in addition to my pledge I pledged extra for a set of comfy chair dice, extra bellsaw thug, and gladiator thug (for my buddy lugz) An extra agenda (Slaughterhouse) and some nightengales (men of G.O.D. faction)

I also did some addons before it shipped. i ordered an extra set of cards, radients, Mike and Hiddel to complete my Men of G.O.D. faction
With this kickstarter, that will give me every spinespur model available except for the shattered. I will get them later on.

I also finished another faction. Its a small faction in spinespur, only 2 models. I believe it is the graveyard faction. With the grave golem and care taker. the grave golem is an awesome sculpt. I could only hope I did it some justice. 

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Spinespur faction complete*

I say complete because as of right this second every model on the G.O.D. faction that is available is done. But the Kickstarter is coming any day now and that is 5 more models in the mix and then it isnt complete anymore. In this first pic we have the 2 true Spinespur models on the left. the 2 in the middle are from other lines. Kate Beckensale knock of from hasslefree and a survivor model from wargames factory. We finally finish this pic up with Aniel.

In this pic we have 4 fists of G.O.D. why four? because I caught a deal on the 2nd set, plus you can run more than 2 if you have the requirements met. The back 3 are some thugs i acquired to fit the G.O.D. theme. Left to right on the back row are a survivor from wargames factory, a horror clix chainsaw dude (repainted) and Lucious fox from the batman line of heroclix.

Dante hayte and Greygun have some themed thugs also, convict(chainsaw) from the wargames factory.
True Spinespur thug painted in military green and a heroclix convict from dark knight rises set.

Finally we have some misc. Spinespur moltov thug, Cthulhu zombie set I made as a shattered fill in. Cerebeast from Spinespur.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

One of my kickstarters came in. Pretty happy overall with them. below you will see I based Thing (comfy chair games Rocco) and Zombies (incursion) used the asphalt / sand stamp. The werewolves (reaper and comfy chair) I used the knotty wood stamp.  The big fisted dude(comfy chair games also) I used the brick stamp. The dude with a gun is not using a stamp.

Friday, November 29, 2013

One of the big undertakings was to complete zombicide by Xmas. So I put a base coat on a whole buncha zombies. Ready for drybrushing and washing. Then i can paint the clothes and add blood and gore. I did the 2 trays of zombies this way.
Here is the status on one tray. I have 2 rows completed and some misc. competed. 

another project I am doing is spinespur. Below is the spinespur cerebeast and reaper's werewolf. I have a few ideas for them. In spinespur you can use a doppleganger character to imitate a chracter so that can be one use for it. Another is in all things zombie there are werewolves in the HRTH expansion. Plus with LOTR I can field a werewolf army. 

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Been painting on my Zombicide. The first pic you can see i fine detailed a few zeds and the cop character. Below is the mass paint i did for the zeds. that is the basecoat for my zed formula: Purple or blue, then drybrush dead flesh and then amthonian camoshade  wash... zombie goodness.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Lugs and I played sedition wars tonight. I got some lucky rolls and barely beat him the first game(I played vangaurd, the good guys, he played zombies). He pointed out a few things he would have done different as the zombie and I learned a few things from him playing the vanguard  and me zombies(thought I could only shoot the middle attack once per turn, but was shooting it wrong , so maybe my victory is very hollow) 

Above is his line up and starting

Above I am on the move and getting there.

The 2nd game I spawn camped him to death and kept him from advancing. to the objectives and I think we played the rules a little more accurately. Alot to learn, but a lot of fun to be had.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

This trailer is about complete. I have a few more things to tweak. This will be great for spinespur , supersystem 3 and all things zombie.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Played some legend of drizzt this weekend with Lugz, Zac and Jacob.  Everybody but jacob played the easy game and we won. I felt bad for Jacob because as soon as we played the hard level he came home and we got creamed when he joined. It was fun but would have like for him to win. Photos stolen from lugz.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Happy fantasy Tuesday. What I have done on my legend of drizzt collection.

Miniature monday on a tuesday. Was actually painting yesterday. Finished up these joker thugs and here is a heroclix repaint I did of a soldier. I will put him on  a better base later.
I can use these thugs in zombie games, supersystem 3 and same with the soldier.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Miniature Mondays
Rocco from Comfy chair games is now "Thing" from the marvel universe. This was a fun and easy to paint figure. He will be in supersystem 3 gameplay. If guardians chronicles has a print and play feature on their site he may make it to that system also.

Monday, September 23, 2013

My son and his friend played a game of 40k. Chaos Space Marine vs Space Marines.... I think My son almost won, but they took a break to finish painting some more figs and then it was time for his friend to go home. We shall call it a draw. :)

Super Heroes....  I got in my other order from Crossover miniatures. I got Dr.Evil and the Thug leader from the Kickstarter. The figure on the far left is Rocco from Comfy Chair Games. If you cant tell he is a Thing knockoff. Dr. Evil will more than likely get the squid head.

Below is the Spinespur Xmas collection. I have coveted this set for a while. I finally contacted Comfy Chair games about purchasing and bought the set. This set has been on my wishlist since I found out about spinespur. I will also use these as a villain team in supersystem 3 eventually.
Legend of Drizzt figures below. They are the raptors I have primed and ready to go to paint. Once I am off my medicine and can paint straight I will be back on these.

as you can tell I am all over the place painting. So many games and so little time, but I like it.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

A big shout out to Aberrant Games I had ordered one of their figures from a web site (not them, an online retailer) and I just put the figure back because I knew I would eventually get to it. Well I opened the package, and the figure was there, but the arm and gun were missing. I contacted the manufacturer and they sent me one right away. Very pleasant experience, people make mistakes, it might have gotten mis packed or at the retailer it might have fell off the shelf, gotten opened and someone just put the figure back in. (they aren't sealed) I was glad they made it right. I don't play the game, but I use their CSO figures for SWAT forces in zombie games, and their zombies are pretty awesome also.

Monday, September 16, 2013

My Legend of Drizzt came in. An adventrue board game, think diablo 2 on table top. Here is some picks from the inside. That is a big ass dragon.

Here is Drizzt himself I painted him....
I also got some munchkins in. The conan pack I bought off of ebay, the seller is supposed to send a new one. The one sent was bent to hell and back.

 traded some crap in at 2nd and charlse... got munchkin zombies.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Just finished a rezolution zombie, and a Mantic/Hasslefree minis survivor. I will be using both in some zombie games. The survivor will also be used in spinespur as a moltov thug for the orphanage faction. I like taking minis from other games and adding to the spinespur universe. I like making the thugs fit theme. 

Thursday, September 5, 2013

A kickstarter just came in

2013 09 05 20 06 53

I pledged late to the kickstarter. I had just pledge my budget for guardian chronicles. Guardian chronicles is a board game (super heroes) with a bunch of heroes. This one had some cool heroes but I was tapped. I was in luck, they had a small pledge that included these thugs. So for a nominal fee I pledged. They arrived today. 

But that is not all, my order for City of Heroes/Villains came in also. I already had a set of the clix, but I did not want to ruin my set of clix. I decided it might be best to get another set. I found a set on ebay pretty cheap. Now I just have to tweak the paint and base these guys. Oh yeah, I gotta come up with powers for them in supersystem 3.

The Villains

  2013 09 05 20 06 20

 The Heroes

  2013 09 05 20 06 27

Yes there is Dr. Destiny a villain in this group from DC. But I will repaint him to make him Tombstone from
Freedom Force. I will have the batman's and iron man's of the world also, but it will be cool to play some lesser known heroes and villains also.

I am still in the process of building terrain as you can see in the first pic. I plan to do some zombie gaming along with some super hero gaming.