Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Meanwhile back at the lair....

Finally got me some P3 paints. Really like them, they are more "Fluid" than reaper paints. So far I prefer them to most paints.

Withershadow combine..... Finally got them painted. I actually did not paint them. My son's friend John Allen painted them. I added highlights and did the base, but he did a great job.

My first warmachine league. I got beat pretty late and gave him a run for his money, at the end, I got beat due to lack of experience. Overall I had fun and met new folks.

Finished another pulp city mini. Its not really a pulp city brand, its "Krong the Mighty" from supersystem, but he will be a proxy for Kro Mag.

My son and John Allen played some 40k below. Always cool to see some battles.