Tuesday, February 17, 2015


So I decided to finally jump in on a joker crew for batman miniatures game. 
So far I have the 2 joker elites, the starter box, Joker Titan, and Mr hammer.  If i can find a poison Ivy crew for a decent price that would be my next purchase.

Joker Elites

Titan and Starter set

Mr hammer
 Super hero stuff....
I have painted some on my super heroes. Below is a figure from crossover miniatures, I plan on probably using him as a proxy for Blacksmith in pulp city. I like pulp city models and that is one I am not fond of, so I could put a hammer in his hand and call him blacksmith for the bloodwatch.
Crossover miniatures figure.

I loved the game freedom force when it came out on PC, bought both games when they came out. I am surprised it did not generate more games, but anyways. As i find miniatures that meet these i will go after them :) Here is mentor from this game. I am not happy with the way the face turned out, it will get a redo.

Mentor from the FF game

Mentor on the right with Dr. Tennebrous and Scarecrow.

Below is Scarecrow from the BMG games. I really liked this model and it possessed me to purchase these minions, for doing a halloween scenario this year.

Scarecrow and his minions.

Warhammer Time again. Below is the project my son and I are working on. WH40k. He likes the game and I want to get into his interested. Below are my tanks (i bought off of ebay already painted) We are doing an Astra Militarum army together. But Dark angels are my primary faction and the plain ole space marines are his.
Whirlwind and Vindicator ready to crush some Chaos and Orks
Predator that will get a repaint and face lift. The land speeder I have shown in a previous post.
Imperial guard walkers. here are 2 of the 3 we have. 

Deadzone Striders and a dreadnaught

Finally in celebration of Pulp City shipping.....Pictures of my finished crew for PC, necroplane. I know I have showed these before but what the hay...