Sunday, December 15, 2013

Spinespur faction complete*

I say complete because as of right this second every model on the G.O.D. faction that is available is done. But the Kickstarter is coming any day now and that is 5 more models in the mix and then it isnt complete anymore. In this first pic we have the 2 true Spinespur models on the left. the 2 in the middle are from other lines. Kate Beckensale knock of from hasslefree and a survivor model from wargames factory. We finally finish this pic up with Aniel.

In this pic we have 4 fists of G.O.D. why four? because I caught a deal on the 2nd set, plus you can run more than 2 if you have the requirements met. The back 3 are some thugs i acquired to fit the G.O.D. theme. Left to right on the back row are a survivor from wargames factory, a horror clix chainsaw dude (repainted) and Lucious fox from the batman line of heroclix.

Dante hayte and Greygun have some themed thugs also, convict(chainsaw) from the wargames factory.
True Spinespur thug painted in military green and a heroclix convict from dark knight rises set.

Finally we have some misc. Spinespur moltov thug, Cthulhu zombie set I made as a shattered fill in. Cerebeast from Spinespur.

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