Sunday, March 16, 2014

Spinespur batrep

My buddy "Timmay" dropped by for a minute and I dragged him into a quick game of spinespur. *cue evil laugh* Normally my buddy and lugz are hooking up for some games but i had chores to do and this just sorta happened. 

I forgot to take pictures at the begining but we were playing a 2x2 map and just trying to kill each other. No other reason than to do it. Some of the terrain is a WIP so some is not finished yet.  So we start off on opposite ends of the table. Tim is the redemptionist faction (graygun and hayte) and I am playing assassins (booth and hiddel) Hidell is not finished on the painting table so a proxy was used. 

We managed to get to the middle of the table and then began to beat down each other. I was planning on sacrificing booth and letting hidell pick my opponent off from afar.

Pictured above Booth is keeping them boyz occupied. he manages to get a few shots on hayte, while greygun is shooting holes in booth. Hayte can't seem to hit booth with his chain. He is at the maximum distance and cant seem to land a blow. 

Above is Hiddell sniping lights out. He is having a field day on Greygun.

Hidell kills Greygun and with his final blow he takes out booth.

Hayte runs to the tower to face the sniper only to catch him from behind.

with Haytes ability to kill from behind Hiddell is dead.

All in all it was a fun fun game. Tim even enjoyed more than he thought.  He said he wants to join in and play in our group.  After the game ended I noticed I did a few things wrong but we will learn from it and hopefully won't make those mistakes again.

Till next time.

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Captain Pete said...

I envy your table and terrain...