Thursday, July 10, 2014

Batrep Spinespur

Finally got to do a full real game of spinespur(sortof). We did not use fear tokens. I know, but I am still new to the game, and was teaching someone, I just wanted the flow of the game to be learned. We would do the extra stuff after we got it down.  So tonight's game featured Men of G.O.D. vs. Orphans.  
Amy Brighteyes
Billy Burns
Grannys helpers x 2
Moltov Thug
Chainsaw thug
Ball Bat Thug
Bladed Thug

Fist of G.O.D.
Warrior of G.O.D.

That was 110 points if I am not mistaken.

Granny is sure proud of this lineup. You can see I used some hassle free miniatures for thugs, they fit comfy chair games models nicely.
 Amy Brighteyes runs out by herself, newb mistake because after i moved I realized that other models closer  have to be chosen for attacks over her. So Lugz snapped into action and attacked. He came up short Whew...

Creeping on up, and barely dodging their shots.

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Looks like michael killed 4 dudes. Actually he killed 2 and I killed 2.

This is it we are both down to the final strikes. Aniel lands both of his attacks he wins, if not Amy saves the day. Aniel has 3 bleed tokens and Ms. Brighteyes has been mind controlling him to stab him self silly. 
 Lugz can risk it and go for the kill, or play like he has a pair (stolen from warmachine) Aniel misses his first strike and that spells doom (3 bleed tokens and only 2 hit points left, and still lands his 2nd swing but that is not enough. Amy hits on her mind control roll and forces Aniel to finish himself off.
Winner winner chicken dinner.

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