Sunday, November 30, 2014

Revenant Pirate crew done!!!!

Not much been going on. I have been a little lazy of late. I am about to concentrate on getting more done in the next few weeks because my back log is beyond crazy and I just ordered some more WWX models. Am I crazy???

Anyways its a standard crew of 6, with 2 UA riflemen and a cannon crew. The cannon ball guy is from reaper actually. I bought the crew from some site for like 50 cents before I got into warmachine. I figured 2 zombies painted for 50 cents is a steal. Then I was going to buy the cannon and dude separate and it would have cost me the same as buying the whole unit. I found the reaper one on ebay and boom, instant proxy that fits.
artist unknown from reaper mini website.

revenant crew regular, pic from the web.

I will eventually make it a 10 unit squad, but I am going to finish some other squads first. :)

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