Thursday, January 15, 2015

Its (war)Hammer time!!!!

I am getting around to doing some warhammer. I have neglected 40k for a while, but 40k is fun despite GW's flaws. My resolution is no more stuff purchased from GW, everything will be used or from my FLGS. Plus when Warpath finally drops I will have another army and have GW "enforcers" fight my mantic "space marines".

The far left and right my Buddy painted for paint schemes and then gave me the marines. I decided to add them to my collection with slight modifications. The ones in the middle are my dark angels scheme. They will pretty much all be different from now own.

Speeder I got off of ebay dirt cheap, not sure if i will repaint.

Why yes I am putting my warhammer stuff together. Why not most of it is collecting dust and I wanna play some wargames. I will not buy new warhammer stuff for a while. It will only be used. When GW starts dropping prices, i might start dropping money, until then its the bargain bin.

Some deadzone terrain painted.

While my camo pattern is not perfect, I think it does well as a I am learning to play with my air brush.


Q Hut

Getting it ready

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