Friday, November 6, 2015

Welcome to post-octopalypse, week 1.

Our good friends at LXG have done a Zomtober hang over painting challenge.....   LXG Rules

You can read the rules there. Join up and paint some models....

For my first entry ... Zeds, you saw in my last post I have a bunch of zombies put together and primed. Well 2 are complete this week, and another 8 to 10 are close to being done.
I bought the snake from TNT So this is an entry for this months contest. I recommend combining with a freind to save on shipping like I did.

The back of the packaging for those interested.

2 more Zeds done :) these are my researcher zeds from the mantic deadzone/warpath range. Getting my plague army ready. The AC unit is from impudent mortal, its a little too big for my liking, but it gets the point across.

Worlds end publishing
Impudent Mortal


Ali Alcatraz said...

I thought I recognized those Deadzone zombies the instant I saw them! I never forget a rotting face! Very cool. And I can't wait to see that snake all painted up!

rollntider said...

thanks :)