Saturday, December 31, 2016

Final update for 2016!

2 pulp city completed

Mars Attacks bugs done. Can also be used for TNT

Reaper Xmas model I got last year as a bonus

Mars attacks science division

More Science division

Well here are the totals for the year listed below. My goal was 200 with hopes and dreams of hitting 365. I shattered my goal with 3 projects completed and 329 items painted. Lets beat that record next year. Projects I completed were:
Imperial Assault Star Wars Base game.
Dungeon Saga Base game
Wild West Exodus Outlaw faction.

Since those were done, I have received 2 more outlaws for WWX. At the time they were all I had.
Imperial Assault base game has add on packs. I plan to start on those to make that a completed project.

Total since last update: 22

Terrain: 0

Fantasy: 0

Sci Fi: 19 

*M/S/P: 3

%M/W: 0

Projects Completed: 0

Total Painted 2016: 329

Terrain: 36

Fantasy: 108

Sci Fi: 144

*M/S/P: 26

%M/W: 15

Projects Completed: 3

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