Sunday, February 26, 2017

FebruaryAnother Update part 2.

February final update. Painted a few things. I have a few that are not finished... but here are the finished ones.

Infinity Painted. Lugz's USAriadna and i painted mine along with his. Only one counts to my total as I will count his towards mine :)

Some Terrain for Western stuff (WWX, Blackwater gulch)

Another Terrain piece  (pods used decals) Spider woman (reaper model, maybe pulp city, power legion, Heroscape, and marvel miniatures) Crazy cat lady (reaper, will be a bystander in pulp city or any other game that needs them) and a scientist not sure who made it, will be another bystander.

Total since last update: 10

Terrain: 6

Fantasy: 0

Sci Fi: 1

*M/S/P: 3

%M/W: 0

Projects Completed: 0

Total Painted 2017: 45

Terrain: 6

Fantasy: 0

Sci Fi: 24

*M/S/P: 15

%M/W: 0

Projects Completed:0

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