Thursday, April 27, 2017

April Update 2017

That is 37 pieces painted since last update. Not to shabby I don't think. to be fair though 20 were platoons with the mercs and martians but still a bunch done. I don't count what I paint for lugs, but count what he paints for me, since its 1 for 1.

Exiles Gentleman completed.

Another Crew of Mars Attacks complete

Exiles One Eye

5 Mercs Recon SecFor 1

Pulp City Supreme Grimm

Exiles Big Pisser

Wild West Exodus Deadpool painted by lugz, 

Mercs SecFor 2

Infinity I painted for Lugs for Painting my Bones Undead Cowboy

Lugs Painted this Undead Cowboy 

Infinity US Ariadna also will be a TNT character

Mercs Recon Sec For 3

Mercs Recon Tokens

Another bones token

Hot Tubs for western Terrain (3)

Where to go to get clean.

Total since last update: 37

Terrain: 10

Fantasy: 0

Sci Fi: 5

*M/S/P: 17

%M/W: 5

Projects Completed: 0

Total Painted 2017: 124

Terrain: 17

Fantasy: 0

Sci Fi: 36

*Modern/Supers/P: 54

%Malifaux/Western: 17

Projects Completed:2

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