Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A little behind

2 player starter box of wild west exodus purchased. In the process of putting some together. The rest is an Xmas present.

Got some deadzone in.... I didn't actually play, i kinda guided the game. After the game I got a lot of it wrong. Hopefully it will get better.

Plague vs. Enforcers. Enfocers needed to kill to get get VPs and the Plague needed to leave the board to win.

near the end, the plague pulled it out, while the enforcers killed a lot of guys.

The dude abides brother

Some scarecrows. If i find a good scare crow figure then these will be great henchmen for him. They will work for the pumpkin crew in the mean time. :)

Some finished plague models and some mercs

more plague.

Yep.... plague

Plague Tetradon

plague doggies

enforcers and mercs

more of the above

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