Monday, September 22, 2014

Some deadzone skirmish

My son's friend came over and wanted to play some deadzone. We gave it a whirl and while I don't know all the rules, we had to look them up and it was abit slower than it was supposed to be. But we did have fun and thats all that matters. I ended up losing cause it was late and we changed the rules to "commander" kill to finish the game. We might do a campaign next time he is over.

Enforcers layout with a merc or 2.

I really like that enforcer captain. Pretty dang tough.

The plague layout, yes thats a Hellbrute filling in for a strider. Why not?? The striders arent done yet.

The last of the plague layout. 

In conclusion of the gameplay:
A. the stage 1 is way to slow, you need some move cards to get him across the battle field into action. B. The stider is OK. We may have not played it right or did not understand the rules fully.
C. The plague hounds are awesome, they can sprint and brawl, if you are playing plague, put all you can in your unit.
D. This is my 2nd game and I get the "blaze Away" action now
E. The plague needs a few more shooty units, the blaze away is cool, but they need some shooty.
F. I love playing the corporation. I can't wait to see the martians in mars attacks (I got the deadzone decks for the martians and humans)

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