Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Terrain, Terrain, Terrain

Well I havent gotten much done on my terrain projects I wanted to do, due to my building piles of lead and plastic. So i decided October would be terrain month for me. Here is what is complete so far. 

Impudent mortals tanks has been started. I really liked this Kickstarter and it delivered quickly. Looking forward to backing him again.

Another view with a "pringles" tank farm lugz made and gave to me. I am rebasing it. He did a good job I think.

all of the above with a CD case I converted. I hope to make a nice industrial table with all of these and some more,
A little warmachine action, 25 point game and boy were we rusty. I even confused a 40k rule with machine (blasphemy)

Cryx barely won with a caster kill. If i did not get it the last turn I was dead the next turn for sure.
I set up a small "Halloween" village for my wife since she likes to do Xmas villages in December. She hung my zombies, no respect for a walking dead display piece.

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