Sunday, July 5, 2015

Pulp City Throw down

This is a bit of a tiny batrep, My buddy Lugz and I played a 12 level game. Necroplane vs. Jade Cult. It was a little villain on villain action, we added a new wrinkle in that we tried leader cards. We still did not do the plots and agendas, I guess that is our next game. My Buddy Lugz and I still getting the rules right before we jump on another element. So rules with leader cards tonight, and the winner is the one who tables the other. We played on his table which he describes here.

It starts off pretty clustered on Lugz's new town terrain. I guess both sides were going to the mall to get some sneakers when rival gangs meet up for a fight. It was like it was the Michael Jackson beat it video.

Necroplane led by Dr. Tennebrous, 2 necro GI's, Saguine and Draku, Soul Golem, Wonder Wight, Mourn and special guest Feartigo.

Lugz commanded The jade cult, We played it a bit wrong, Tanuki had a level 2 minion ninja sensei but eh, we are learning to play with minions.  Some hero clix filled in for ninjas until Lugz makes an order.

We pretty much just clustered here, and just scrummed it out from there. I ran Dr. Tennbrous up the middle tried to cast gloom and  he got his ass handed to him. He was killed in round one, I guess warmachine's play like you got a pair came back to bite me.

After a bunch of blood shed and gnashing of teeth Feartigo and Wonder Wight basically whittled the cult down, the necroplane was down early and that duo fought their way back until it was just wonder wight left.
She finally was taken out by the yeti and good game lugz, that's 2 in a row for you ...
All in all not a bad game, I screwed up using my faction ability, I could have tried to save him but I forgot about that ability until it was Soul Golem and Wight and Feartigo. It kept him around one more activation and he was gone.

I might try a few more combos with the plane but I think Mourn, Feartigo and Wonder Wight should be a staple to the team. The MVP of the plane is Wonder Wight, she is tough as nails and can give a whipping.  Yeti and Terror Cotta are bad asses in their own right, Lugz has 2 more terror cottas and the ninjas, on his wish list when he makes an order.

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