Sunday, July 5, 2015

Space Marines? Martians? Pulp Citizens? in my blog? Its more likely than you think.

Finished one of the generals, and some grunts. Getting that army ready... ACK ACK ACK!!!

Ace of Wraiths done. He is a bloodwatch and free agent

2 Dark Angels, I am going with a custom color scheme. They were red white and black highlights, I think I like this scheme better.

Chronin complete. She is a "Heavy metal" and "the way" faction member.


daveb said...

Great productivity. I like the heads and cape of the martians....they look very sharp.
I think the marine on the left is the better scheme. Too much black drinks the light (and hey, there are a lot of black primed marines out there). The extra grey/white areas really bring the model up.

rollntider said...


Spiderweb of History said...

Excellent work. You're rolling right along!