Monday, October 5, 2015

6MMRPC update, WWX work, Warmachine, reaper and terrain work

Longtree for WWX, I am doing a paint swap with my buddy lugz again. He gave me Longtree to paint, so I decided to do mine.  Mine is the mainly red one. I wanted to do a similar but different theme on them. Plus my outlaws all have red bandanas so the red one will match nicely.

Finished the lone Ranger from WWX (the marshall), seen with my longtree here.

I finally got back to some warmachine. These guys had been primed for ages and I finally decided to knock them out.

Reaper motorcycle. I may do a sons of anarchy post apoc. group for TNT and why not have a bike or 40 :)

Work in progress on my restaurant for my city terrain. I added LED lights :)

Outside shot of Spanky's (that's the restaurant name)

Another shot of Spanky's this building is from impudent mortal.

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