Sunday, October 18, 2015

Zomtober 15 update week 3 + 6MMRPC

Mantic zombie for my Zomtober week 3

Another view of my zomtober week 3

WWX biker done. Almost done with all of my WWX figures

All of my WWX bikes that are complete.

Started on Infinity USAriadna bike

another view of the USAriadna bike

Her off the bike model.


Finch said...

A rather cool collection of bikes. My first time seeing these.

rollntider said...

thank you

Roy Williamson said...

Those are some sweet looking rides. And gory zombies too :)

rollntider said...


RVA said...

Where is this girl from?

rollntider said...

Infinity, she came in the USAriadna starter box.