Monday, June 20, 2016

Catching up and trying to get from under the kickstarter mountain.

Marcus Wayward of the WWX is painted, along with my buddy Lugz Marcus wayward in our paint exchange. Mine is red of course.

20 zeds for Kings of war. 
Blaine for Dungeon Sage and maybe Kings of war.

Star wars gunner red complete

Star Wars gunner normal done.

Star wars Hero complete.

Total Pianted this week: 25

Terrain: 0

Fantasy: 21

Sci Fi: 3

*M/S/P: 0 

%M/W: 1

Projects Completed: 0

Total Painted 2016: 149

Terrain: 3

Fantasy: 33

Sci Fi: 89

*M/S/P: 17

%M/W: 1

Projects Completed: 0

*Modern/Super Hero/Post appoc 

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