Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Eclectic painting array

With Sadie Walker, my WWX outlaw faction is complete. WOOT. The Coppelle sister and this one finishes all outlaws that I currently have. Lugz bought me another outlaw and I did too for the WWX sale. So they will be a high priority to  keeping this project complete.
I am 2 minis away from completing my Star wars Imperial Assault game

I painted the left hero for SWIA< and Lugzgames painted the infinity N117 medic in our paint exchange. I painted a WWX Legendary for him in the swap.

This is another Lugz painted in exchange for Ragman in warmachine. He did a great job with this kickstarter Exclusive mini.

I painted this for my son's space hulk game. I plan to finish this game for him for his birthday in august. So plan on seeing a bunch of space hulk updates. On a side note, after completion, He reminded me that he wanted them blue so he can use them in 40k to match his space marines. So this one was done and then thrown into purple stuff afterwards.

Lugz ragman. Does not count towards my total. 

Legendary Earp that was traded in a paint swap. Does not count towards my totals.

White tiger pulp City, does not count towards my total. Lugz painted Tekna for me in exchange. 
This one counts for me, Lugz painted tekna, did a great job.

The remaining Copelle sister. Her sister was completed a while back and she has stood primed and a little paint for the longest time. Lugz did her up right. I am almost done with his honkey bot, from the kickstarter and will post that in a seperate update.
Total since last update: 7

Terrain: 0

Fantasy: 1

Sci Fi: 2 

*M/S/P: 2 

%M/W: 2

Projects Completed: 1

Total Painted 2016: 156

Terrain: 3

Fantasy: 34

Sci Fi: 91

*M/S/P: 19

%M/W: 9

Projects Completed: 1

*Modern/Super Hero/Post appoc 

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