Sunday, September 25, 2016

Another project completely painted

Dungeon Saga Furniture

Dungeon Saga minions, 3 zeds, armored Zed, skeleton archer, and warrior

Dungeon Saga Furniture finished the last door

3 dwarf revenants and Grund boss baddie

Last skeleton archer.

final 3 pieces (book not pictured) Troll Shaman, and wizard for the heroes. Final piece of furniture. With that I have completed one Dungeon saga project. The core box set is done.
Total since last update: 35

Terrain: 22

Fantasy: 13

Sci Fi:  0

*M/S/P: 0

%M/W: 0

Projects Completed: 2

Total Painted 2016: 257

Terrain: 31

Fantasy: 92

Sci Fi: 101

*M/S/P: 23

%M/W: 10

Projects Completed: 2
The completed minis for the base set WOOT!!!!

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