Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Sept Updates

Painted Lugz Mercs  for warmachine to sorta match mine

8 mercs recon figures done

3 undead trolls for Undead faction Kings of war

Leader for the werewolves, a reaper bones I re based and touched up

werewolves regiment done

balefire catapult done

Hasslefree mini for TNT, 40k sgt, and wildman from pulp city complete via paint swap.

A look at my KOW army so far. Will rebase the zeds one day.

Total since last update: 21

Terrain: 0

Fantasy: 10

Sci Fi:  9

*M/S/P: 2

%M/W: 0

Projects Completed: 0

Total Painted 2016: 208

Terrain: 3

Fantasy: 71

Sci Fi: 101

*M/S/P: 23

%M/W: 10

Projects Completed: 1

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