Wednesday, May 9, 2018

May 2018 Updates

I have been working on some remodeling around the house so have not been painting as much. But I have at least been painting :) I have completed 2 projects. 1 had been a long time coming and another was a small tiny project. The drones will be counted as Western because of shadows of brimstone.
Brimstone Mini expansion completed. 

Painted another ship of my friends Firefly game. Not even sure what this one is called.

Another Reaver ship for Firefly for a friend, and another pic of the the previous ship. 

Started on some star saga. Here are some plague beasts. They look like Hulk.

Brimstone drones painted, I almost have this set done. When i am done with the astronauts then I will have another expansion complete.

Mercs Recon CCC faction done and the last worker so with what i have painted with the other minis over the past 2 years this one is done. I have a few more minis that added on to this game, but the core set is complete.

RBJGC objective markers. I like them and they are cheap.

Zombicide toxic zed. I decided to go with a green scheme on the colors so technically she will be a regular zed. I will paint a regular in toxic to replace her. 

Black Scorpian Miniatures tombstone stretch goal painted.

Finally painted the Zombivor version of Rick for Zombicide. WOOT!

Here is Rick with some toxic runners and a regular runner.

Total since last update: 29
Terrain: 0

Fantasy: 0

Sci Fi: 16

*M/S/P: 7

%M/W: 6

Projects Completed:2 [Shadows of Brimstone Terror Pack], [Mercs Recon Core Set] 

Total Painted 2018: 120

Terrain: 9

Fantasy: 0

Sci Fi: 47

*Modern/Supers/P: 11

%Malifaux/Western: 53

Projects Completed: 9
[RBJgc kickstarter]
[Brimstone Raptor Pack]
[Western Hotel]
[Bloodwolf Tribe]
[Cross Roads Cult]
[Red Hand Coven]
[Masters of the Universe]
[Shadows of Brimstone Terror Pack]
[Mercs Recon Core Set]

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