Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Kickstarter report card.

Well I have been doing kickstarters for over a year and Its time to report and give grades on them. Since my first Kickstarter was spinespur, I should do that one first. I recieved my fat loot back in December 2013. I am overall sastified with it, there were a few snafus, but overall I am pleased.

My pic from when I received it. Like I said I was overall very pleased with the kickstarter and think Robert Mervine is a straight up dude and will buy from him in the future.  I will point out the little issues I had with and then heap praise on comfy chair.

One of the issues i had with the newer models is the hands on the radiants. They did not stick well and there was not enough to pin the hands. But the rest of the model was solid. One of the nighengales should have been a multipart model, it was difficult to paint. The pig stickers I had trouble getting the arms in place(did not match up that great) and I seemed to be the only one that had trouble with the bellsaw thug. Others were able to put it together without issue. I had some difficulty.  Also the hard cover book was nice, but the pages are thinner than the softcover. So i will only be gaming with the softcover of the book. The final issue was the gladiator arm was not fully formed but Robert promised if you place another order with him you will get a replacement for free. 

You may ask why would I order to get the replacement, should he not just send me the replacement? Well yes I would normally agree, but Robert  had money left over from the kickstarter. He could have pocketed the bucks and enjoyed the little bit of money he made, but he had 2 more models made and gave them away for free to certain pledges. They were really done well that was very generous of him. Also the other models were awesome. We got some freebies and even though the delivery was late (he delayed because he found some issues with quality on the book and a model and that is understandable), I did not fear Robert would not deliver. I was also able to get every model I wanted (I have all of the kickstarter models except one) and the rest of the models were of great quality.

In conclusion I would back another kickstarter that comfy chair games does without hesitation. I hope he expands the spinespur line even further. 

Quality: A-
Value: A+
Delivery Time : B

Overall : A

Future suggestions: Give weekly updates even if it is to say nothing is happening.

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