Monday, May 26, 2014

Not much content quantity wise...

But alot was done. I had been working on a terrain table. That felt table is gone.. and converted into this table. below is what has been built. Lugz and Daniel helped me with the carpentry aspect of it and we got it sanded and glued.
Fresh after it was sanded.  Layers of sand and glue, dried and sprayed with wood glue to seal it.

Primed and painted. Will add more coats  and details later.

The Zed or Alive Kickstarter is over and I got the PDF of it. I should get the book and loot cards in the coming weeks. Looks like a cool game. It is based on the Savage worlds Showdown rules.
Finished the broken reaper I won from ebay. It looks alot different and better if you ask me. :) I went with a classic cryx Helljack look. I also like my arc colors. It does not distract you like some of the green ones I have seen and yet it is easy to follow.

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