Friday, May 9, 2014

Warmachine weekend

After being jerked around by Iello and their Guardians Chronicles kickstarter. I finally got my refund. I highly recommend you stay away from supporting Iello.

Anyways after much frustration finally, I put the funds to get me a Cryx Army from Warmachine fame. I hit ebay and my Local store up for some warmachine goodies.

below we Have reaper. I got a real good deal on him because he was broke. The body is off the base now and is in some purple power. He will get a new coat of paint after I fix his arm.

Below is Dennie and Pistol Wraith, a warcaster and solo. Be afraid. :)

Next Is Slayer, he likes to punch folks in the face.

Skarlock Thrall, well because he was super cheap.

Seether, not the band, the war Jack. He likes Pina Coladas and punching folks and causing pain.

And the Chicken jacks as haters like to call them.  

Scrap thrall and Necrotech

Thats all for now, more will be coming soon and you can see how I changed the look of some of them. Some will be minor, others wont.

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