Sunday, September 1, 2013

first blog post

I am new to the table top, board gaming scene. My son actually dragged me in when he wanted some warhammer 40k armies. I really liked the idea of building models and then go to war with them. I was all about some 40k until they decided to change their procedures on how I can buy their product. I will still keep my stuff, and maybe play from time to time, but I have since went to look for other games that 1) want me to buy their stuff and 2) don't care how I purchase them as long as its legal. 40k only meets half of that criteria.

Since my distaste for the previous mini company i set out to find another brand. I did on Kickstarter. I found all kinds of cool and awesome games. I found Myth, Spinespur, Guardian Chronicles, DeadZone/Warpath ,Zombicide and multitude of zombie and superhero games. I could go on and on but those are just a sampling of other gaming goodness that are good substitutes. 

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